How Does Microdermabrasion Work?


Step 1.

Crystals are used to exfoliate the skins surface


Step 2.

Suction removes crystals and dead skin from the surface


Step 3.

Suction stimulates collagen and promotes new growth

Start Reducing the Appearance of your Scars Today


There is no reason to be embarrassed or concerned about your scars any longer. MegaPeel Gold microdermabrasion can be used as a facial and body resurfacing technique that removes the damaged skin in order to reduce the appearance of scars. Scars are flattened and smoothed. Redness and discoloration are minimized. Skin aging around the treated area can be reduced through the reduction of fine lines and other age related marks.


See a Scar – Think MegaPeel EX


Many of us have scars on our face and body. Many times acne scars show up on our face and are visible to the entire world. There are several different types of Acne scars.  10% to 90% of people with acne scars have scars associated with a loss of collagen. By using our MegaPeel EX your body will begin to create new collagen, naturally reducing the appearance of scars and signs of aging.

Visible Results with the Gold Hand Piece


The ergonomic stainless steel Gold Hand Piece and Gold Tip was designed by an RN to allow for a more visible and immediate result for revising scars. The design allows the crystals to directly abrade the skin on and around the scar. This direct abrasion treatment starts the body’s natural healing process and stimulates collagen, effectively minimizing the appearance of your scars.


This direct abrasion hand piece and tip allows your skin care professional to reduce the appearance of scars more quickly and effectively than other microdermabrasion applicators.

Clinically Proven and Recommended by Top Doctors and Spas Across the World


Microdermabrasion with the MegaPeel Gold has been clinically proven to be an excellent affordable, non-invasive, non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment for improving the appearance of scars with no post-operative discomfort or adverse side effects.


The only truly closed microdermabrasion machine, The MegaPeel is highly recognized for it’s ability to protect you from any cross- contamination from the client treated before you, by using a HEPA filter cartridge and disposable Gold tips.


Microdermabrasion delivers consistent results with little or no discomfort and is performed in a series of treatments with the MegaPeel Gold direct abrasion hand piece. This hand piece was medically designed by an aesthetic RN for optimal efficacy in stimulating collagen remodeling and repair to achieve a permanent softening and blending effect on scarred skin.


The MegaPeel microdermabrasion machine is used by the top doctors and spas across the world.

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